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The Importance of Feedback for Unsuccessful Job Applicants

Are You Providing Unsuccessful Applicants With Feedback?


When an organisation (or recruitment agency) advertises a job vacancy, they expect candidates to invest significantly in the application process. They expect candidates to draft a standout cover letter aligning their skills to key selection criteria, along with highlighting why they are the best candidate for the job. They expect a professional resume summarizing the candidate's work history, qualifications and qualities. They expect candidates to divulge information such as salary expectations. And some organisations require candidates to prepare and submit a video of themselves with the application. All these steps can be time consuming, and can place candidates on an emotional roller-coaster while they wait to receive feedback regarding the outcome of their application.


The practice of not providing feedback to unsuccessful candidates unfortunately still exists. Candidates have dedicated time, energy and made an effort to apply for the vacancy, so why shouldn’t organisations dedicate time to communicate back? Yes, the end to end recruitment and selection process can be very time consuming in order to secure the best person for the job and organisation, at times the result of shortlisting from hundreds of applications. However the process should also respectfully manage the unsuccessful candidates who have express interest in working for the organisation. While candidates need to understand that there is a timeline associated with each of the stages within the application process, they deserve notification or feedback that they have been unsuccessful.



Organisations should take into account that unsuccessful candidates may be brand loyalists and consumers of the products or services they sell, and word of mouth can be extremely powerful and damaging. And when unsuccessful job candidates are actually current clients of the company, providing feedback is even more crucial. It also allows the candidate to then re-focus on other employment opportunities. With candidate management platforms and notifications tools now readily available, there is really no excuse to be potentially disrespectful to those who have expressed interest in the job vacancy with the hiring organisation and taken the relevant steps and effort to apply.


Are your candidate management practices placing appropriate focus on providing unsuccessful candidates with feedback?

Scopic Recruitment ensures that EVERY candidate's experience is managed professionally and with sensitivity while ensuring the integrity of the company and its brands are always maintained.

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