Permanent Recruitment | Executive Search

We don’t just fill the vacancy, we attract and place the best talent.

Targeting Talent

Sports Recruitment in Australia

At Scopic Recruitment we strongly believe that staff members are the most valuable assets in an organisation, and that our unique and effective approach to identify and attract high calibre candidates will deliver the best possible outcomes for our clients and candidates. We don't just fill the vacancy, we attract and place the best talent.

Our Services

Scopic Recruitment specialises in talent sourcing and recruitment in Sporting Goods, Supply Chain and Technology, placing the best candidates who can drive immediate contribution. Our services include;


Permanent Recruitment | Executive Search

  • We align great companies with high calibre and talented candidates. 

  • We externally manage the process from recruitment brief to successful candidate engagement.

  • We assume ownership of the design, management and staffing of the entire recruitment process on behalf of our clients.

How We Deliver the Best Outcomes

  • Our expert consultants have previous hands-on experience in or managing the roles we recruit or in industries we support, which underpins our unique and highly effective approach to recruitment and our ability to attract and qualify the best talent.

  • Our expert consultants have extensive recruitment experience.

  • We partner with our clients and form strong partnerships and relationships. 

  • We ensure we understand our client's business, the culture and meet with the hiring manager.

  • We carry out a comprehensive recruitment process to attract and identify the best talent.

Our Sourcing Approach

Our sourcing strategy to attract the best talent is comprehensive. This is achieved using the latest search methodologies and sourcing techniques including but not limited to;

  • Candidate searches

  • Advertising to job and industry specific job boards

  • Database

  • Social media

  • Referrals

  • Network

  • Industry affiliations

Sports & Leisure Industry

We specialise in talent sourcing and recruitment for the Sports & Leisure Industry. Underpinned by extensive industry experience, industry association partnerships and supported by our strong networks, we are able to identify and attract high calibre candidates for organisations in sports & leisure. Through our thorough recruitment & assessment process, we are dedicated to find the right person to meet our client's needs.

Job Categories                                                                                

  • Marketing, Product & Category Management

  • Retail Sales & Store Management

  • Call Centre & Customer Service

  • Procurement & Supply Chain

  • Manufacturing & Operations

  • Accounting & Finance

  • Office Support

  • Sales, Business Development, Account & Territory Management

Industry Association Affiliations

Why Scopic Recruitment?
Supply Chain, Procurement, Manufacturing

We specialise in talent acquisition and recruitment in supply chain, procurement, manufacturing and technical disciplines across multiple industries. Our unique understanding and expertise is underpinned by extensive experience working in, or managing, the roles we recruit.  Supported by industry association partnerships and our strong networks, we are able to identify and attract high calibre candidates for our clients.  

Job Categories                                                                              

  • Supply Chain & Operations

  • Demand & Supply Planning

  • S&OP (Sales & Operations Planning)

  • Sourcing & Purchasing

  • Warehouse, Distribution & Logistics

  • Inventory Management

  • Planning & Scheduling

  • Manufacturing & Production

  • Site, Plant & Factory

  • Customer Service

  • Claims & Returns

  • Continuous Improvement & Lean Six Sigma

 Industry Association Affiliations

Technology, Digital, Innovation, Startup

We work with technology startups and traditional enterprise. We can work closely with clients’ in-house HR teams/representatives and partner with management responsible by offering cost and time effective solutions based on our solid understanding of and proven experience in talent acquisition projects. This can include volume / bulk recruitment campaigns for companies experiencing significant growth, or assisting clients with the selection and setting up of talent acquisition and HRIS tools and infrastructure. 

Job Categories

  • C Suite Executives

  • Software Development Managers, Leads, Developers, DevOps & QA Testers

  • Marketing, Product & Project Management

  • Sales, Business Development, Account & Territory Management

  • Business Analysts

  • Solution & Enterprise Architects

  • CX, Help Desk 

  • Operations 

  • Accounting & Finance

  • Office Support


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